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How many caffeine drips did YOUR last launch take?
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This Powerful Plug-And-Play Launch Templates Pack Gives You All Launch Material You Need To Blow Your Launch Goals To Infinity And Beyond!
You’ll get 24/7 Lifetime Access To Sales Page And Sales Email Templates To Sell Every Offer Under The Sun, Including (But Not Limited To):
  • VIP Days
  • Masterminds
  • DIY Courses
  • Group Coaching Programs
  • Certification Programs
  • Membership Programs
  • Physical Products
  • Downloadable Templates
  • Done-For-You Services (ie. Website Design, Facebook Ads, etc)
  • PLUS Lifetime Access to ALL Future Templates, Too (We’re Constantly Adding)!
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Hey there! Whether you’re a current or aspiring coach or a done-for-you service provider, chances are you’ve seen some pretty big-name marketers crush their launches.

From the outside, they probably even made it look pretty darn easy, right? 
It’s like they just sit back in their chairs, push a big, shiny, red “LAUNCH” button… and the sales start pouring in!
It’s enough to make you feel both inspired and jealous all at the same time.
After All, This Whole “Launch” Thing Ain’t As Easy As It Looks!
It’s tedious
It’s time-consuming
It’s expensive
All of the copywriting
All of the conversations
All of the content creation
...It’s madness!
Even when you’re following the advice of all those “experts” down to the letter,
it still feels like a bomb is exploding in your brain every time you even hear the word “Launch.”
That’s Why Your Launches Have Probably Gone One Of Two Ways:
1) Your launch never happened.
Maybe you’ve bought some course, promising to teach you how to create and execute mega-profitable launches that will surely put MILLIONS in your pocket by this time tomorrow…

...only to find out that all you’ve bought is a bunch of vague theories about how launches should work, and a list of software and other tools to go buy. 

Maybe you spent months (or even years) trying to figure it all out…while, of course, working to keep up with all the other tasks needed to keep the business afloat! 

You’ve been burning it up trying to launch a successful offer for a while now… but you can’t seem to make it very far off the launch pad…

I mean, you had some flashes of brilliance… but then when it came to putting it all together, you couldn’t quite decide what to launch… Or couldn’t quite get all of the pieces working… Or got distracted and moved on to the next thing.

Every time you started fleshing out an idea for an offer, you’d get distracted by some other “shiny red button”... and just ended up with a dozen half-written sales pages collecting digital dust on your hard drive. 

So now, you’ve got a truckload of half-finished courses and “spectacular ideas” stuck in a Dropbox folder, and you’ve never actually gotten to the the launch date.

You’re feeling completely confused… and wishing you could find some inspiration so you could finally get a lucrative offer off the launch pad!
2) You got your launch off the ground, but it was expensive, time-consuming, and didn’t yield the kind of results you were hoping for.
Maybe you’ve gotten to click that shiny, red “LAUNCH” button… but the sales weren’t worth the HUGE amount of time and money you poured into it!

You started out with a FANTASTIC idea!

You were totally stoked and you couldn’t WAIT to start making sales. 

But then when you dug in and started building your launch… your enthusiasm was quickly replaced with exhaustion.

You spent weeks on copywriting tasks that should have taken just an hour or two… like writing your emails and sales pages. 

After a while, you gave up and decided to hire a copywriter instead… but even though you tossed a TON of cash their way, your copywriter took FOREVER. And even then, you had to get the pages built and get all of the tech working.

Because of all that, you had to kick back your launch date more than once… and STILL struggled to hit your target dates!
And to top it all off, when your launch was finally ready… you unveiled it for the world to come take advantage of… 

Only they didn’t. Not very many of them, anyway.

And you’re sitting there in your office chair, staring at your dismal sales stats, thinking…
“Where’s the KABOOM?! 
There was supposed to be an earth-shattering KABOOM!”
But no KABOOM for you, my frustrated friend. 

You ended up with only a handful of sales to show for your hard work. 
Heck, you’re probably wondering if you should give up on offers altogether
if it’s gonna be THAT much work for THAT little reward. 

But before you surrender, listen to me very carefully…
See, all those “experts” out there telling you how to launch your offers… are just making it WAY too complicated! 

They send people on these crazy 69-step journeys that lead them nowhere… and while most of these experts are well meaning… they just don’t know how to do things efficiently. So they’re teaching people to put in a TON of extra work, simply because they don’t know any better! 

It’s NO WONDER you haven’t gotten the results you wanted...

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!
The SIMPLER You Make Your Launch, 
The FASTER You’re Going To Be Stuffing Cash Into Your Pockets!
I’m all about doing things the simplest way possible. That’s what allowed me to have launch successes like…

  • Generating $150K With Second Done-For-You Services Launch
  • Generating $120K With My Third Group Coaching Program Launch
  • Making 60 Membership Sales In 24 Hours On My First Try
  • Making $562K With My First Mastermind Launch
  • Banking $100K In One Week With My Second VIP Days Launch

And that’s just scratching the surface. 

So I know a thing or two about launching products and services online the RIGHT way!
My Clients Results Aren’t Too Shabby Either
Some of these clients had been wrestling with big, complicated launches for years… 
...but once they quickly mastered the “blueprint” I gave them, their businesses headed for the stars!
And you know what? 
One Day You Could Add Your Success Story To This List Too!
I’d like to introduce you to something that’s going to make your next launch so simple, you’ll finish your launch ahead of schedule and have plenty of time left over to hang with the fam, enjoy some “me time,” or start planning your next one!
The Little Black Launch Book
This Powerful Plug-And-Play Launch Templates Pack
Gives You All The Sales Page, Sales Emails, And Launch Material You Need To Blow Your Launch Goals To Infinity And Beyond!
It doesn’t matter how complicated and tedious your launches have been in the past. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never successfully completed a launch at all. 

If you’re ready to stop overcomplicating this whole launch thing, and start doing exactly what works to start raking in cash in record time, then this is exactly what you need right now.

The Little Black Launch Book comes complete with all of the Launch Templates, Trainings, and Resources you need to plan and execute your offer launch… and start counting sales WAY sooner than you could have ever dreamed possible!

Let's take a look at what's inside The Little Black Launch Book...
The Little Black Launch Book is packed with complete, swipe-and-deploy templates to get those sales pages and emails written fast… without having to shell out $1000s for a copywriter (or push back your launch date because your copywriter is taking too long)!
Writing copy is a MAJOR hurdle for LOTS of coaches and service providers. You spend all this time writing emails, and video scripts, and landing pages… and then they totally miss the mark! 

So I’m giving you a full suite of tested-and-proven copy to make it easy to nail your marketing message. 

Inside the Little Black Launch Book, you’re getting stacks of ready-to-use copy “swipes” that you can customize and plug into your marketing to make quick work out of selling every offer you can imagine!
Launch Templates For Coaches - Here you’ll get sales page and sales email copy templates for every coaching program and service known to man. Like…
  • VIP Days
  • Mastermind Programs
  • Group Coaching Programs
  • Membership Programs
  • DIY Courses
  • Downloadable Offers
  • Certification Programs
  • Live Intensives
  • Live Workshops
  • COMING SOON: Live Events, Private Coaching, And A Whole Bunch More!
Launch Templates For Service Providers - Here you’ll get sales page and sales email copy templates for every done-for-you service you can imagine. Like…
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Publicity Services
  • Website Services
  • Membership Site Services
  • Marketing Planning Services
  • Sales Funnel Design
  • {Coming Soon} Telesummit/Giveaway Management
  • {Coming Soon} Launch Management
  • {Coming Soon} Social Media/Content Management
  • And a whole bunch more! 
Sales Templates For Every Occasion - Here you’ll get even more templates to implement in your business to generate sales day after day with ease...
  • Facebook Ads Copy Samples
  • Social Media Launch Graphic Samples 
  • Sales Funnel Follow Up Email Templates
  • Follow Up Templates For Those Who Click But Don’t Schedule 
  • Follow Up Templates For Those Who Click But Don’t Buy 
  • Templates To Ask Your Customers To Promote You
  • Black Friday Launch Templates
  • Cyber Monday Launch Templates
  • “Weird Holiday” Launch Templates
  • Flash Sale Launch Templates
  • “Name Your Price” Campaign Templates
  • Phone Call Campaign Templates
  • Referral Request Template
  • Renewal Request Template
  • Lead Revival Template
  • And a whole bunch more! 
As you can see, we have assembled the most powerful time-saving templates on the planet... and we’re going to give you unlimited access to every single one!
PLUS… you’ll get access to ALL new templates the moment they land!
We’re just getting warmed up when it comes to time-saving, profit-piling templates - we release new ones regularly. And as a Little Black Launch Book owner, you’ll get access to ALL of these future copy swipes as we release them.… at NO extra cost!

So you’ll always have the inspiration and laser-focused messaging to make your offer launches a success! Whatever copy you need for your launch, you’ll find it here and you can use it to your heart’s content to draw in buyers like you’ve got the gravitational pull of a hundred suns!

Here’s where we’re going to cover ALL of the steps to launching your offer quickly and easily… saving you as much guesswork, stress, and time as possible! (And, of course, putting cash in your pocket WAY faster, too!)!

Getting Your Head On Straight For Your Launch -
I’m going to be laying down the dirty truth about launches and giving you some #RealTalk about how to shift your perspective and think about launches the right way! By the end of this, you won’t even recognize yourself with that badass new mindset!

The Flash Launch Method -
We’re going to cover all the steps you need to rake in sales and profits after you’ve officially “opened the doors” to your offer. You’ll discover exactly what you need to do to turn prospects into buyers, scale your reach to connect with the most prospects possible, and make sure that only your ideal clients and customers are getting in the door. 

Mastering Personal Reach Out And Follow Up - 
You’re going to talk to ALOT of prospects throughout the course of your launch, and it’s important that you follow up to get a definitive “yes” or “no.” That’s why you need a rock solid Follow Up strategy. In this training, I’m going to show you exactly how to reach out to potential prospects, hot or cold, and turn them into buyers!

Stacking Offers (Leveraging Upsells And Downsells) -
When you’re done your launch, you’re going to have two main groups of traffic: Buyers and Non-Buyers. These are traffic segments that you can tap into to squeeze even more revenue out of your launch. By putting upsells in front of Buyers, you can get them to buy even more. By putting downsells in front of Non-Buyers, you can turn a “no” into a “yes.” In this training, I’m going to show you exactly how to do both!

Figuring Out What Worked And What Didn’t Work -
Ever finish your launch and feel like it didn’t go the way you planned? You hoped you would make more? You hoped you’d get a bigger response from your list? You hoped for a lot of things, and it just didn’t happen and you don’t know why? Or maybe it went well and you want to go bigger. How do you figure out what worked and what didn’t so that you make the RIGHT adjustments for next time? I’ll answer that very question in this training!

Templatizing And Automating Your Launch -
Doing a live, manual launch can be exhausting. That’s why when you’re done your first launch, it’s important to evaluate for how you can scale it to be more templated and automated in the future. In this tech tutorial, I’ll show you inside of my Infusion Soft so that you can see exactly how I templatize, delegate, and automate my launches for seamless sales!

Creating Your Own Launch Calendar -
You know what else service providers and coaches stress out about? Keeping tasks organized. I mean, having a detailed list of everything you need to do is key to pulling off a wildly successful launch… But you need to organize those tasks in order to make sure everything gets done on time. Otherwise, months will rocket by… and you’ll still be stuck in the “planning phase.” That’s not going to happen here, though. You’ll have your own handy-dandy calendar to keep all of your launch tasks nice and organized… so you can roll out your launch with complete confidence!
I’m a huge fan of over-delivering (if you didn’t already know that about me, you’re about to find out)... so I’m doing a LOT more than just showing you how to do a fast, profitable launch without all the stress!

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Some of the crap I see out there these days just makes me cringe… so if you’re a little hesitant to invest, I understand. I would be too, if not for one small (but important) detail…

We’ve actually used these templates to launch our offers and racked up some HUGE paydays! So this is very different from the templates that most of these “experts” throw together. While most experts have NO idea if their templates and trainings actually work, we do. 

You can rest easy knowing that every single template “swipe” you’re getting has been battle-tested and proven to generate MASSIVE sales, profits, and success! But don’t just take my word for it… Instead, we’re going to actually SHOW YOU!

In our Case Studies Pack, you’ll get behind the scenes of our most successful launches, like...
Behind-The-Scenes Launch Case Studies - We’re not keeping ANYTHING hidden… so you can “borrow” our processes and use them to create your own powerful, profitable empire!
  • $120,000 in 90 Days Selling Group Programs
  • $562,000 in 4 Months Selling Masterminds
  • $96,000 from one 75 minute speech
  • {Coming Soon} $20,000 in 1 Week Selling Certifications
  • {Coming Soon} $50,000 in 1 Week Selling Intensives
  • {Coming Soon} $45,000 in 1 Week Selling Websites
  • {Coming Soon} $150,000 in 4 Months Selling Virtual Assistant Services
  • And we’re constantly adding!
Right now, we have no plans to make these Case Study recordings available to the rest of the “people of Earth”... but if we do, we’re gonna charge an admission fee of at least $2,000 (and biz owners will be thrilled to pay it)!

But when you pounce on this chance to become a Little Black Launch Book member today… you’re getting unrestricted access at absolutely NO extra cost! 
PLUS… I’ve got some juicy BONUSES for you, too!
The treasure trove of done-for-you launch templates and trainings in this time-saving bundle are well worth the “cost of admission.” But I wanted to make sure that you get more than your money’s worth – after all, you’re investing in the success of your business, and it’s my job to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

So I’m including a stash of BONUS materials that will make launching your next offer and actually making sales even easier…so that you can enjoy the profitable, fulfilling business you deserve to have!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

BONUS #1: Offers That Pack A Punch - 
Don’t know WHAT to sell during your next launch? Creating offers can be a challenge… but not anymore! In this bonus program, you’re getting in-depth video trainings and templates for just about any type of offer you can imagine. I’ll include LOADS of templates to make creating these offers a fast and easy process, and detailed instructions for keeping your offer running smoothly every step of the way. You’ll never run out of offers to sell and you’ll never have to guess what your audience wants to buy (or how to sell it to them) again!

BONUS #2: How To Conduct Market Research -
Get a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how we conduct market research in our business to come up with offers that hit it out of the park...INCLUDING a full list of every market research question we ask our community and buyers!

BONUS #3: The “Anticipation” Cheat Sheet -
Sometimes, ya just gotta have a pen-to-paper old-skool checklist to get stuff done. So I’ve created a nifty little downloadable checklist to give you a ton of ideas for how to build anticipation for your offer!

BONUS #4: Launch Best Practices -
I’ll show you how to write and design sales pages that convert and drive purchases, how to write sales emails that drive opens and clicks, and how to avoid common pitfalls that most coaches fall victim to in their launches. Follow these Best Practices and you’ll be in good shape for your next launch!

BONUS #5: What To Do When You Don't Have A Sales Page -  
No time to whip up a sales page? Can’t figure out the technology? Don’t have money to pay a designer? No worries! I’ll show you 2 powerful ways to work around not having a sales page for your launch while still getting the results you desire.

BONUS #6: Powerful Ways To Leverage Social Media For Your Launch -
Whether you have a teeny tiny social media following or you’re a social media superstar, tapping into any traffic you have on the various social media platform is a great way to increase your chances of launch success. In this training, I’ll show you how to do just that!

BONUS #7: How To Get And Leverage Affiliates For Your Launch -
When you don’t have the list size or social media following to hit your desired launch goals, sometimes it helps to get the help of affiliates who can promote for you. In this training, I’ll show you how to identify, secure, and leverage affiliates for your next launch!
It’s Time To Stop Doing Launches The Hard Way 
With Half-Assed Results!
The way I see it, you’ve got a couple of options here.

1) You can keep trying to figure out all this launch stuff yourself. Maybe after enough years of trial and error (and if you don’t go broke first), you’ll eventually be able to put together a launch that turns a profit. If that’s your directive, then I wish you the best of luck. (You’re gonna need it.)

2) You can tap into a proven, repeatable launch system that has ALREADY generated millions in revenue… launch your product or service in record time… and finally get the income and success you deserve!

Only you can make that choice.

But if you choose door number 2, you’ll have the step-by-step plan to achieve results like these: 
The choice is yours…

But if you want to build a successful business that provides you with plenty of fulfillment, satisfaction, and income for decades to come… you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this limited offer today:
Get Instant Access To The Little Black Launch Book
As a “Little Black Launch Book” member, you’re getting ALL of this in one convenient, instantly accessible package:
Your Core Templates Pack, Including:
  •  Launch Templates For Coaches (9)
  •   Launch Templates For Service Providers (6)
  •  Launch Templates For Any Occasion (23)
Your Core Training Pack, Including:
  •  Getting Your Head On Straight For Your Launch 
  •  The Flash Launch Method
  •  Creating Your Own Launch Calendar
  •  Mastering Personal Reach Out And Follow Up
  •   Stacking Offers (Integrating Upsells And Downsells Into Your Launch)
  •   Templatizing And Automating Your Launch
  •   Figuring Out What Worked And What Didn’t Work In Your Launch
Your Core Case Studies Pack, Including…
  • $120,000 in 90 Days Selling Group Programs
  •  $562,000 in 4 Months Selling Masterminds
  •  $96,000 in 1 75-Minute Talk
  •   And we’re constantly adding!
Your Core Bonus Pack, Including…
  •  Offers That Pack A Punch
  •  How To Conduct Market Research
  •  The “Anticipation” Cheat Sheet
  •  Launch Best Practices
  •  What to Do When You Have No Time For A Sales Page
  •  Small Yet Powerful Ways To Leverage Social Media During Your Launch 
  •  How to Get And Leverage Affiliates For Your Launch
When you consider I’ve paid OVER $30,000 to copywriters to get this copy written and I’ve previously sold the trainings that are included for $1000…$2000...and, some, even $10,000! That’s well over $40,000 worth of templates, training, and resources. 

But because coaches have made such a HUGE impact in my life, I want to “give back”… so I’m not even going to charge a fraction of that amount!

In fact, when you complete your order today, you’re getting the entire bundle for just…
$959 $595
One-time investment – NO recurring fees or subscription charges!
**This Is A One-Time Only Offer To Receive $400 OFF**
Need to keep your costs in check? Don’t worry…
I’ve got you covered!
I intentionally priced the Little Black Launch Book to be affordable for coaches in any niche and at any stage in their businesses. But I also know that you might need to watch your investment costs – after all, you’ve got to keep enough cash in reserve to keep life and business chugging along, right?

If investing $995 $595 all at once sounds a little uncomfortable…

I’ve put together a payment plan so you can get the support you need… while keeping your costs in check:

Get instant access for just $199 $119 today, then pay the balance over 4 months!

The best part of the payment plan? There’s NO interest and NO financing fees! I don’t believe in charging you extra for managing your money… so if you decide to opt for the payment plan, you won’t pay one penny more!
**This Is A One-Time Only Offer To Receive $400 OFF**
What if you could take all that guesswork, frustration, indecision, and wasted cash and effort… and toss it right out the cargo door? 

What if you could follow a proven, step-by-step launch template…

...and, when you get to the final step - look up and realize that your offer is launched… attracting loads of high-quality traffic… and piling cash into your account?
How would that make you feel?
I bet you’d feel this deep, almost transformative sense of relief! 

I mean… 
  • No more late nights stressing outabout copywriting, or techy stuff, or ads, or trying to sort out your content. 
  • No more spending endless months on a launch… and then forcing yourself to feel grateful because you ALMOST broke even this time. 
  • No more working 10, 12, or even 14 hour daysto try to put all of the pieces of your launch together… and then figuring out you did everything the wrong way. 
  • No more telling your family, friends, and followers that your launch is right around the corner even though it’s basically a pile of digital rubble smoldering somewhere in the deepest reaches of your hard drive. 
  • No more giving up the authority, income, and freedom you deserve from your business… because you can’t seem to get your offer launch to take flight!
With The Little Black Launch Book,
There’s NO Reason To Feel Lost In Launch Never-Never-Land!
Imagine that you’ve just finished your morning meditation, or a long run, or a relaxing shower - whatever it is that lets you unplug and come up with your most stellar ideas… 

And you’ve just smacked into your most brilliant offer yet! 

You’re headed to your computer to start turning that amazing idea into reality… and then you start thinking about all the tedious, frustrating, time-consuming copywriting that you’ll need to slog through in order to make it all happen. 

You feel your stomach start to tighten. 

All of your energy drains right out of you. 

You’re teetering on the edge of just scrapping the idea and going back to bed instead… just to save yourself all the aggravation! 
And then you remember… 
You have unlimited access to all of the proven, ready-to-deploy templates you need to make short work out of your launch prep and to get your intel into the hands of your best clients and customers without:
  •  Struggling to figure out the marketing message that will bring in the most sales!
  •  Waiting for weeks for a copywriter to get your sales and landing page, email copy, and video scripts back to you! 
  •  Scrambling to figure out which type of launch is best for your offer… and will maximize sales and profits! 
  •  Having to wait for months on end to start seeing a return on your investment of time, money, and talent! 
Instead of feeling like you’re wandering around on an alien planet, trying to cobble together a rocket to launch over several months… you could:
  •  Take countless hours out of your launch prep… so you could use that time to focus on other parts of your biz!
  •  Know exactly what to say to motivate your prospects to become customers and clients… without expensive, slow copywriters! 
  •  Simplify the launch process so that it takes WAY less work! 
  •  Leave your competitors wondering how you manage to create so many successful, flawless offers (and maybe even beg you to share your secrets)!
  •  Launch more offers faster… so you could finally enjoy the income and authority you deserve! 
How does that sound? Better than the slow, pain-in-the-asteroid process you’ve been using up until now? 

I thought it might. 

That’s what you experience with The Little Black Launch Book. So stop wasting time and energy doing it any other way and click the button below to get started right now:
**This Is A One-Time Only Offer To Receive $400 OFF**
There. You just save yourself a heap of time, frustration, and guesswork on your next launch… and the launch after that… and… well, you get the idea.

Doesn’t that feel better? 

I can’t wait to hear how you pulled off the launch of your dreams… with The Little Black Launch Book! 

I’ll see ya on the inside! 

xoxo AGP 
P.S. : Do you really want to waste more months (and more cash) trying to come up with a profitable launch on your own? If you think about it, you probably wasted more money on your last launch attempt than you’re investing in this program today. It’s time to get yourself out of that “black hole” - claim your spot in the Little Black Launch Book now:
**This Is A One-Time Only Offer To Receive $400 OFF**
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And, DON’T FORGET, your special discount is only valid until the count down timer ends. After that, you can still claim your Little Black Launch Book… but you’ll have to pay full price. Let’s not let it come to that, okay? Scoot on over and claim your limited-time-only discount now!
**This Is A One-Time Only Offer To Receive $400 OFF**
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