ATTENTION COACHES: If you want to make more while working less and traveling the world, selling a high-ticket Mastermind is your answer!
It’s time to create, launch, and SELL OUT your own powerful mastermind and charge $10K…$20K…$30K a ticket or MORE – whenever you want!
“You had me at ‘your own high-ticket Mastermind,’ Amanda. Let me have it already!” 
Hey there, soon-to-be Mastermind Host!
Amanda Goldman-Petri here. You ever notice how all of the high multiple 6 and 7 figure income earners in the coaching industry are selling masterminds where their clients pay a metric butt-load of money to be a part of their coveted “Inner Circle”? 
I’ll bet you have.
Russell Brunson has one.
Alex Charfen has one.
Suzanne Evans has one.
Ryan Deiss has one.
Taki Moore has one.
Dan Henry has one.
You guessed it... I have one too!
Chances are you’ve considered joining a Mastermind yourself... Maybe you even took the leap and handed over a small fortune to sign up for one. 

But whether you’ve taken part in a mastermind or not, I’m pretty sure there’s one thought that bounces around in your head when you see people selling these high ticket programs:

“Wow... the person who put together this mastermind is making a HECK of a lot of money!”

They sure are! Let me show you with some simple math... 
You Can Sell Your Typical Mastermind For $10,000 - $50,000, with $25,000 being the average. 
You Can Sell 10-100 Spots In Your Mastermind, with 30 clients being the average.

Here's what that means...
On the LOW END ($10,000 x 10 Clients), you’re bringing in $100,000. 
On the HIGH END ($50,000 x 100 Clients), you're raking in $5 MILLION DOLLARS.
ON AVERAGE ($25,000 x 30 Clients), you’re making $750,000. 

Heck my FIRST mastermind launch brought in $562,000!
By now, you might be thinking:
“What if I could create a mastermind of my own 
and rake in cash like that?”
That would be pretty awesome! Envision this:
  • You’re greeting your new mastermind members for the first time... and you can almost feel how excited they are to be a part of your elite group! I’ll bet you feel a deep sense of accomplishment. You’ve always known that you have an important message to share with the world...and now you can!
  • You’re delivering knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb throughout each Q&A call and live retreat... and watching the little “light bulbs” flicker on in their heads as they realize just how powerful your insights truly are!
  • You’re enjoying traveling the world with your clients for your live, in-person mastermind retreats...and hearing people tell you how thankful they are to meet you face-to-face!
  • You’re listening to your clients tell you they’ve made BIG changes – long before the mastermind is actually over - thanks to your insights and teachings!
  • You’re smiling to yourself as you discover just how much income you’ve made in total from your mastermind... and realize that it’s WAY more than you used to make in a whole year!
  • You feel a whole heap of relief... because your mastermind is bringing you the authority you need to attract amazing, loyal clients and truly live your dream lifestyle! 
Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

So you keep daydreaming for a while... immersing deeper and deeper into the wonderful lifestyle you’d live if you launched your own high-ticket, cream-of-the-crop mastermind.

It actually feels pretty good, doesn’t it?
But then the “buts” start showing up...
If you’re like pretty much everyone who’s ever dreamed of hosting high-ticket, enjoyable masterminds full of energy and creativity... the “buts” are going to come in sooner or later and squash your lovely fantasy.

You know what I’m talking about – all that negative self-talk that ruins your daydream and leaves you feeling more frustrated than Deadpool at a silent retreat.

You start telling yourself things like:
  • “But... I’m not well-known as a coach – nobody would ever pay the big bucks to join my mastermind!”
  • “But...I’m not sure I know enough about my topic to provide the kind of value people would expect from a mastermind program!”
  • “But...I wouldn’t have the foggiest freakin’ clue how to set up a mastermind... how to organize the the retreats... or even sell the darn thing!”
  • “But...I’d have to spend a fortune setting it all up... and that means I’d have to rack up A LOT of debt just to make this thing happen!”
  • “But...I don’t have the teams in place to do all the work I’d need done to plan, launch, and run the mastermind!”
  • “But...what if people get to the mastermind and decide it’s not worth their investment... and they start asking for refunds?”
And then you find yourself wishing you’d never started dreaming of creating your own mastermind in the first place... because now you feel pretty cruddy for having thought of all those “buts.”

I hear those same fear-based statements from so many coaches who DESERVE to fill their masterminds to capacity...  

...and that kind of thinking is exactly what’s keeping them from growing their business... making a profound impact... and living a rockin’ celebrity lifestyle!

So before you go drown your sorrows in a glass of pinot noir and a carton of moose-tracks ice-cream... hear me out, because I’ve got something that’ll cheer you right up!
You don’t have to give up. Your own fabulous
mastermind is closer than you think! 
As a coach, you have to remember that the transformation you can create for others through your own mastermind makes stepping out of your comfort zone totally worth it!

It would be a MAJOR disservice to your fans if you’d decided to let your fear keep you from launching your mastermind!

That’s why, in a minute, you’re going to get the shot of confidence to finally say, “You know what... I AM going to stop letting fear and uncertainty run my life! It’s time to quit wishing... and launch the mastermind I’ve always wanted!”
It’s time to put on your superhero cape
and do what you were born to do!
Look, I’m not going to ask you to just pretend that your worries, fears, and self-doubt don’t exist.

That would be just plain silly.

Instead, I’m simply going to ask you to take a deep breath and believe – for just a minute – that having a team of veteran coaches, marketers, and Mastermind leaders by your side will let you break out with your own high-ticket mastermind... in spite of the fear and negative mind-chatter.
I’m going to walk you through the simple,
step-by-step process of setting up and
running YOUR exclusive mastermind...
And I’m going to make it easy as pie!
You don’t have to figure out everything on your own to create and run your signature mastermind.
That would take years (not to mention a whole lot of aggravation and wasted dinero along the way)!

Instead, I’m going to be working with just a handful of coaches and consultants – driven, incredibly talented people just like you – to develop and launch their own masterminds from start to finish.

If you’re one of these coaches, I’ll be giving you all of the tools, resources, and learned-it-on-the-battlefield know-how to handle (and delegate) every step of the process... so when it comes time to give a virtual “welcome” to your members... you’ll look like you’ve been rocking masterminds for years!
So what makes me the right person to help you create, launch, sell out, and scale your high-ticket mastermind?
Well, it’s probably no surprise to you, but I’m NO stranger to masterminds. I started using them in my own businesses several years ago... and practically every one I’ve launched has been bigger, more exciting, and more transformational than the last!

And I’ve got a long list of coaches who have turned the volume up on their own businesses thanks to my mastermind coaching... so I’m not just skilled at doing – I’m pretty darned effective when it comes to teaching, too!

Here are a few highlights, just to give you an idea of what my Sold Out Masterminds system can do: 
  • The first time I launched my own Mastermind (The Marketing Nerds Mastermind), we raked in a whopping $562,000 – about 10X more than a lot of coaches right now are earning in an entire year!
  • Our second mastermind launch brought in $480,000 – still not too shabby for a few hours a week of “work!” 
  • We promoted one of our masterminds during a 75-minute presentation on someone else’s stage, with only 30 attendees... and made an additional $96,000!
  • Our mastermind events regularly attract people from all over the world – we've had coaches as far away as India, the UK, France, and Australia joining our Mastermind programs!
So the short answer is... because I’ve successfully pulled off a TON of high-ticket masterminds... and I’ve helped dozens of clients do the same.

And if you’re a good fit for our Sold Out Masterminds program, I’d LOVE to do the same for you!
So what’s in the Sold Out Masterminds PROGRAM?
Let’s go ahead and dive right in to everything I’ve packed into this excuse-smashing program:
24/7 Lifetime Access To The Sold Out Masterminds Course ($9,997 Value)
Here’s where you’re going to find the step-by-step training to quickly and confidently launch your own high-ticket mastermind. Considering one sale of your own high-ticket mastermind would bank you at minimum of $10K, this is a HUGE value! Even if you’re brand spankin’ new to the Mastermind concept, you’ll get everything you need to pile up serious income while making a HUGE impact... including plain-language training on:
  • Creating Your Mastermind –
    I’ll walk you through how to uncover a lucrative niche and message for your Mastermind, including how to figure out EXACTLY what your ideal clients want. By the end of this training, you will have the outline for your premium, transformational Mastermind offer that prospects just won’t be able to say “no” to!
  • Selling Your Mastermind –
    I won’t just tell you how to launch your high-ticket, high-energy mastermind, I’ll actually give you all of the “swipe files” from my own launches – proven, conversion-optimized templates you can edit based on your unique offer! I’ll teach you how to get your first 15 sales in FAST. PLUS, sales call strategies, scripts, and templates to get your prospects to say YES to your High Ticket Mastermind. I’ll take all the guesswork out of getting prospects to hand over their credit card numbers right on the call... even if you’re charging $20K...$30K...$50K OR MORE for your program!
  • Scaling Your Mastermind Sales –
    I’ll show you how to automate the entire process of getting leads for your Mastermind and making sales without lifting a finger, including how to set up a Sales Funnel that converts and even hiring a Sales Team to manage your calls for you! PLUS, I’ll give you my exclusive strategies for getting hyper-targeted traffic cheaply... and even for FREE!
  • Delivering Your Mastermind –
    Why stress out about every detail of setting up and running your mastermind, when I’ve got all the insider tips and tricks? I’ll show you exactly what to do – and what pitfalls to watch out for – to make sure your mastermind program and retreats go perfectly from beginning to end!
These trainings have changed lives, transformed businesses, and created real change in the world. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have had to say:
24/7 Lifetime Access To The Full Playbook Of Mastermind Scripts,Templates, and Samples ($4,700 Value)
I want to make this as easy as humanly possible for you to implement and see success, so we’re going to GIVE YOU all of the scripts, templates you need to successful create, sell out, and scale your Mastermind. We paid our own copywriter around 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS for this material, and we're just giving it to you in this program! Here’s a snapshot of just SOME of the swipe materials you’ll get that you have our permission to swipe and adjust as your own:
  • Market Research Sample Questions
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Mastermind Offer Outline
  • Sample Guest Expert Invitation Template
  • Sample Sales Template To Make High Ticket Sales Without Any Phone Call At All
  • Sample Mastermind Launch Emails
  • Sample Mastermind Sales Pages
  • High-Ticket Sales Script Template
  • High Ticket Follow Up Emails Templates
  • Sample Sales Funnel Pages, Emails, Ads, And More!
  • A Full List Of Ad And Pre-Funnel Content Ideas
  • Sample Sales Professional Job Description
  • Sample Sales Delegation Operating Procedure
  • Sample Mastermind Program Client AgreementsEven Cooler Feature - Amazing Thing #2
Plug-And-Play Sales Funnel Template ($15,000 Value)
The coaches and other biz owners in any industry who are truly crushing it with their businesses aren’t the ones who know the most, or who have the most connections, or even who have the most years of experience.  It’s having a strategic, highly detailed funnel where every element is designed to do one thing – move your leads closer to saying “yes” to your offer. 

Now, we know that you’re busting your butt every single day to grow your business. And we also know that funnels can be super-confusing... especially when you can’t give your funnel your full attention because you’re too busy trying to keep other parts of your business from going up in flames. 

But you deserve more than just any old funnel. You need a funnel that works on complete autopilot, so you can generate profits while you’re playing with the kiddos, enjoying a relaxing vacay in some exotic locale, or just catching up on some well-deserved “me time.”

So here’s what we’re going to do:
We’re going to GIVE YOU a complete copy of our automated
Mastermind sales funnel!
Yep, it’s true. This is a very atypical sales funnel, because we do something crazy... We take COLD Facebook Ads traffic, we TELL them about our Mastermind AND the price, and then invite them to a phone call...and BAM! They join!

There’s NO other funnel out there like it...And you’ll get a copy of it, along with everything you need to customize it to your own business and Mastermind! 

Normally it would cost $15,000 to hire our team to build your funnel for you. Instead, we decided to take care of all the “heavy lifting” and boring tech-y stuff, turn it into a template, and give it you to plug-and-play into your business! Basically, all you need to do is customize the funnel to your offer, send traffic, and watch cash come out the other end!

That’s got to sound like a relief, right?

Especially when you see the kind of results our clients are getting with our funnels:
And Because We Know You’re Going To Need Support 
As You’re Implementing, You Will Also Have Plenty Of Ways 
To Get Coaching And Support From Us!
Lifetime Access to Our EXCLUSIVE 
Sold Out Masterminds Facebook Group 
($997 Value)
As soon as you’re approved to join the Sold Out Masterminds program, and you complete your registration, I'll give you instant access to our private Facebook group. Inside, you’ll have access to Jodi and me, plus all of our Guest Experts... as well as all of your fellow Sold Out Masterminds members. This is an excellent place to get your questions answered, get and give support and motivation, cultivate friendships and partnerships, and be part of a vibrant, dynamic community where every single person is committed to your success!
Monthly Review Roundups ($2,997 Value)
Just as important as it is to know what to do, it’s also critical to know what NOT to do. That’s why it’s important to get outside eyes on your material. Want feedback on your sales pages, sales funnels, Facebook ads, or even recorded sales calls? Just submit them in the Sold Out Masterminds Facebook Group... and we’ll review it at our next Review Roundup. You’ll get individualized feedback and recommendations to make your mastermind campaign more powerful than The Hulk after a Starbucks run! 
Here are some other snazzy bonuses you’re getting when you invest in Sold-Out Masterminds...
BONUS #1: Real Life Behind-The-Scenes Mastermind Launch Case Studies ($1,997 Value)
I’ll walk you behind the scenes of every launch we’ve done of our Mastermind, so that you can reference my winning launches and follow the process step-by-step! That means you are getting EXCLUSIVE access to every single detail of my HALF MILLION DOLLAR LAUNCHES... For Free!
BONUS #2 Winning Ads Cheat Sheet ($8000 Value)
We’ll give you a simple formula for creating your Facebook Ads, so that you can have a list of winning ad angles to reference when setting up your own ads. This is a strategy we've previously only shared with our private Facebook advertising clients, who pay us a minimum of $8000. You're getting it FREE as a bonus for joining!
BONUS #3: Alternative Offer Templates For Upsells And Downsells ($697 Value)
If you’re worried about what to do when a prospect says “No” or what else to offer them after they’ve purchased and completed the Mastermind, we’re going to give you a whole slew of Offer Templates for various Upsells and Downsells for your Mastermind. You’ll never run out of things to sell! We've previously sold this for $697 and you get it free for joining!
BONUS #4: Cash Injection Campaign Templates ($14,500 Value)
Look, let’s not pretend that this program is free. There is a fee to join Sold Out Masterminds, and while that’s a “drop in the bucket” compared to the income you can rake in (masterminds typically bring in an average of about $500k EACH), I still want you to feel at ease in that investment.
So I’m also going to give you access to our “cash injection campaign” Templates to get some cash in
the door.

Don’t worry – these cash injection campaigns only take a few hours to put together (thanks to my done-for-you campaign templates)... but you can re-launch them whenever you need to bring in some quick money.

PLUS, you have LIFETIME access to our Cash Injection Intensive program, where you can compete with other entrepreneurs  to race to make as much money as possible in 3 weeks...and get prizes when you earn the most.

The best part? These campaigns work! Our clients are generating $14,500 in 3 weeks on average! They are responsible for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in income being generated in short time frames. That’s why we have one of the best client success ratios in the coaching industry and plenty of testimonials, like this:
That’s 4 additional premium training programs and resources, all yours completely for free just for joining today. If you paid for them individually, they’d cost you over $25,196... but I’m handing them all to you at NO extra cost! These courses alone are worth the entire investment in the program. I’ve sold them to hundreds of coaches who have seen incredible results from the trainings and resources you’ll receive as a member.
“Awesome! By the way...
how much is this all going to cost me?”
That’s a fair question... I’m sure you’ve figured out that getting your hands on insights, strategies, and resources this powerful is going to require a bit of an investment.

And it only makes sense, right? You’re not going to get your own unique, step-by-step blueprint for creating, launching, and running your own mastermind from some cheap, crappy ebook... and I doubt you’d really expect to. 

If you added up all of the value in this program, it would be a TOTAL VALUE of $58,885.00

And, heck, when you consider that one mastermind launch at the minimum price of $10K per ticket and the minimum number of members (10) would make you $100,000.000, even at $58,885.00 this program would be a steal.

But I'm not going to charge you that...I'm not even going to charge you half of that.

Instead, we want to set you up so that with just ONE mastermind sale, you already make a profit. 

That's why the investment in Sold Out Masterminds is usually $5,000. At just half of the minimum we will tell you to sell your Mastermind for, with just one sale, you would already make a profit!

When you consider the earnings potential, the cash injection coaching, the plug-and-play sales funnel, and ALL of the coaching, resources, and support you’re getting... even at it’s usual $5000, it’s a complete no brainer to join and the way we’ve priced it should make complete sense.

But I’m feeling extra special crazy today, and I want to share this with as many coaches as possible. So, I’m not going to charge you the full $5000 today...Here's what I'm going to do instead:
This offer expires soon!
$5000 $1764 
Or, 12 Payments Of $416 $147
As a “Sold Out Masterminds” member, you’re getting ALL of this in one convenient, instantly accessible package:
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access To The Sold-Out Masterminds Course ($9,997 Value)
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access To The Full Playbook Of Mastermind Scripts, Templates, and Samples ($4,700 Value)
  • Plug-And-Play Sales Funnel Template
    ($15,000 Value)

  • Lifetime Access to Our EXCLUSIVE Sold-Out Masterminds Facebook Group ($997 Value)
  • Monthly Review Roundups ($2,997 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Real Life Behind-The-Scenes Mastermind Launch Case Studies ($1,997 Value)
  • BONUS #2 Winning Ads Cheat Sheet ($8000 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Alternative Offer Templates For Upsells And Downsells ($697 Value)
  • BONUS #4: Cash Injection Campaign Templates ($14,500 Value)
That’s a TOTAL VALUE Of $58,885.00 for all of these templates, training, and resources that you couldn’t even find anywhere else. But because coaches have made such a HUGE impact in my life, I want to “give back”... so I’m not even going to charge a fraction of that amount!

In fact, when you complete your order today, you’re getting the entire bundle for just...
This offer expires soon!
$5000 $1764 
Or, 12 Payments Of $416 $147
And just so you know this isn't all "theory"...Rather, it's a system we've taught to hundreds of clients from all around the world in different niches and industries, and they've gotten results over and over again. Listen to what they have to say:
This offer expires soon!
$5000 $1764 
Or, 12 Payments Of $416 $147
If you’re still here, you may be wondering: 
Is Sold Out Masterminds right for you?
I mean, I know you’re stoked about it and all (after all, you’re finally getting to make your own mastermind program come true)... But before you dive in, you may want to make sure that this is the very best resource for you and your business. So I want to let you know that Sold Out Masterminds is NOT a good fit for you if:
  • You’re comfortable with playing small and letting other people lead in your niche or industry!
  • You aren’t interested in maximizing your impact and income... or in establishing yourself as an industry expert.
  • The idea of having people pay $20K-$50K each (and sometimes even more) to sign up for your own high-impact mastermind doesn’t appeal to you at all.
  • You insist on figuring out how to do everything yourself... instead of tapping into proven resources and systems that are already making MILLIONS for people just like you.
  • You’re a “info-junkie” who never implements anything... and you’re just interested in seeing how a mastermind works, rather than committed to creating your own high-ticket, exclusive mastermind.
  • You’re not interested in connected with a vibrant community of like-minded people who share your vision... and who will step up to help support you in every way possible!
  • The idea of accountability makes you roll your eyes... because you don’t want anybody checking up to see if you’re staying on track to meet your goals!
  • You tend to blame others when challenges crop up... instead of rolling up your sleeves and busting through those obstacles.
  • You don’t think your life (or your business) would be any more enjoyable if you could launch and run high-ticket masterminds whenever you wanted... and bring in more cash in one weekend than most people make in a decade!
Now, I’m pretty sure that none of those apply to you, right?

Of course not!

Instead, this sounds a LOT more like you... and that means you’re probably a PERFECT fit for Sold Out Masterminds:
  • You’re sick of not charging what you know you’re really worth... and you’re ready to activate your super-powers to get the visibility, respect, and credibility to charge the big bucks!
  • You’re ready to make a MASSIVE impact with your coaching business... and you know that your own mastermind is the most powerful way to get there fast!
  • You realize that working one-on-one with clients will only let you get so far... and that you need to switch to group coaching lets you not only scale your business quickly... it lets you transform MANY more lives!
  • You’re willing to “get your hands dirty” by actually implementing what you learn... so you can build the exciting, profitable mastermind events you’ve always wanted.
  • You see the value in following done-for-you systems created by a veteran marketer who has held countless super-successful masterminds herself!
  • You could use a community of mentors, peers, accountability partners, trainers, and coaches to keep you motivated, make sure you stay on track, and get you riled up to keep kicking butt until you’ve reached your goal!
  • You LOVE the idea of working WAY less, making MUCH more money, and having almost unlimited freedom to travel, spend time with your family, or whatever else you want to get out of life!
  • You’re ready to take your niche by storm... alongside some of the most fabulously nerdy people you will EVER meet!
Because you’re still reading this page, I’m almost positive that you and I are going to get along fabulously... and that by the end of this program, you will have created, launched, sold out, an scaled your first high-ticket, high-energy mastermind event!  

So do this:

Click the button below to join the program now... but I’d grab it fast, because this offer expires soon!

I can feel it... Your finger is already hovering over it (because you’ve already realized that this is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for)... so go ahead and get in on this right now:
This offer expires soon!
$5000 $1764 
Or, 12 Payments Of $416 $147
This offer expires soon!
$5000 $1764 
Or, 12 Payments Of $416 $147
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